• her: come over
  • me: i can't my dog just fell asleep on my lap
  • her: my parents aren't home
  • me: he is ASLEEP


im ok w spending $40 on food but wont buy a $40 shirt

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This is me, my name is Kelli and I’m 17-years-old, battling cancer for the third time. I have less than a year to live and the only thing I want to do more than anything before I die is meet Ellen. She’s my sunshine. She’s the reason I wake up everyday and I watch her show every morning. She just radiates so much joy and happiness and she gives me hope. It’s really my dream to be able to meet her. Unfortunately, due to a long waiting list, the Wish Foundation told me I probably wouldn’t be able to meet her within my short timeline. But I see miracles happen all the time.. therefore I won’t give up on my dream. I thought that maybe if this gets enough attention, someone from the Ellen Show would come across it, or maybe even Ellen herself will know of me and my wish to meet her. Please, help me make my wish come true.  

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Chem Chem Lodge - Tanzania

Part of Tanzania’s Chem Chem safari camp, Chem Chem Lodge offers wildlife, exclusive accommodation, gourmet food and state-of-the-art spa facilities on the shores of Lake Manyara, near the Tarangire National Park. Guests can choose from eight tent-style suites stylishly decorated with vintage furnishings and inspiring pieces of art. All units are appointed with upscale bathrooms, outdoor showers and private terraces with day-beds and magnificent lake views. The luxurious property is fitted with a wonderful restaurant, bar, lounge, pool and an enchanting Amani Spa.


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Reasons why i think 30 years old man are sexiest…

  • Matt Bomer, 36
  • Ian Somerhalder, 35
  • Paul Wesley, 31
  • Adam Levine, 35
  • Ashton Kutcher, 36
  • James Franco, 36
  • Chris Pine, 33
  • Tom Hiddleston, 33
  • Julian Morris, 31

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drunk me is the me i really want to be. confident, hilarious and, most importantly, drunk. 

This couldn’t be any more accurate

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cuddles that get sexual then get sweet again

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 Joey K